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30th December 2019 Off

Twelve South PowerPic Photo Frame Wireless Charger Review

By admin

Reviewed by David Savage If you received a shiny new phone for Christmas, you might be looking for a different type of charger for it that will fit in better...

Juice Power on the Go Review

22nd October 2019 Off

Toys and Games Reviews

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31st December 2019 Off

Brain Fart from Interplay Games Review

By admin

“Think fast and shout your answer… because silence is deadly!” The Christmas and New Year period is a time of not only parties and presents but the perfect time to...

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3rd January 2020 Off

Slumberdown Wonderfully Warm Electric Blanket Review

By admin

Reviewed by David Savage The nights are starting to get a lot colder and there is nothing like getting into a nice warm bed. But when the bed hasn’t been used since you got out of it in the morning it can sometimes be a bit chilly. An electric blanket is a great way to take the chill off and warm the bed. We do have one fitted to our bed, but it comes with problems; me and my partner can never agree on the same temperature as one of us is always hotter or colder than the other. We...